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Cindy "Library Liaison"

4K 08:37 36 Photos12th Feb 2017

Library Liaison read by Cindy Ryan was in the library studying when his girlfriend,Lily walked in. They have been dating for a month. He had felt instant attraction towards her when they first met. Her slim,sexy figure was a constant turn on for him. Their first time had been great,more than he hoped. Now, all he could think about was having her again. It seemed he would never get tired of worshiping her body. She came towards him and took a seat next to him. He turned his head and gave her a hard kiss. She returned his kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck. He felt his cock stiffen. He deepened the kiss, thrusting his tongue in her mouth. She moaned softly,and met his tongue. They heard footsteps and drew apart. She smiled at him and opened her bag. He watched her take out her folder. She looked damn hot in a red summer dress. It was so short he wanted to run his hands up her thighs. For a while, he let her study in silence. They were both studying for psychology. Ryan watched her concentrating,her teeth biting her lower lip. He wanted to be the one to bite her, all over. They were so close,he could smell her sweet perfume. It was torture,sitting next to her and not touch her. He moved his hand and got hold of her neck massaging softly. She turned her head to look at him,quizzically. The lift of her brow and teasing smile were the last straw.He wanted her,right here. She let out a surprised gasp when he pulled her towards him and set his lips to her throat. He sucked lightly at first and then harder.She squirmed in her chair. ''Ryan, we can't do this here. Someone might come in any moment''she said breathlessly. ''Don't worry. We are way at the back. No one comes here and even if they did,we will hear them''He assured her, Biting her lower lip. She ran her finger through his curly hair. He ran his hands up her stomach to cup her boobs. They were round and soft in her hands. He yanked her dress's neckline and her boobs spilled out. She was wearing a white lacy bra. He kissed the swell of her breast and she moaned. He knew she liked it when he suckled her. So, he moved her bra down and took her nipple in his mouth. He suckled hard and put his free hand on her mouth keeping her from screaming. He could feel her vibrating from heat, her legs were pressing to his. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back. He turned his attention to her other breast.He suckled and bit her nipple. She was trembling now and pressing her knees together. She must be so wet and ready for him. He ran his hand over leg and reached her inner thigh. He moved her thong to the side and ran his finger through her folds.He circled her clit,moving his finger clockwise. He moved his head and took her lips in a wild kiss. She moved her hips and then when it was not enough, she pulled at his hand and placed his finger to her entrance. He complied and pushed inside her and almost groaned at her tightness. She moaned in his mouth and moved against his finger,liking the intrusion. He finger-fucked her,moving his finger in and out of her faster. He told her to be quiet and placed his lips back on her boob. Suckling her while he played with her tight pussy. She came with a quiet moan,her mouth gaping open and eyes tight shut. He held her against him and felt her pussy clamping his finger tightly inside her. Her juices were covering his finger so,he spread them to her anus. She cried out softly as he pushed in her tight hole. ''Ryan..baby..I need you inside me. Now...do you think we can do it right here?.What if we get caught?''she said,her voice filled with lust.She stroked his cock through his jeans. ''Damn,Lily. I don't care. I want you, right here. And it is quiet a turn on to be in danger of getting caught'' Lily agreed it was thrilling to think that anyone could come upon them.. The librarian was probably busy with her work at her desk near the main door. But any student can come here looking for a book. She felt reckless and out of control. She pushed him back to his chair and undid his zipper. He sighed when her hand closed around his hard cock. He was big and huge in her small hand. She couldn't wait to taste him, so bending over him she took him in her mouth. She hummed at his taste. He groaned as he felt her hot mouth on him. He held Lily's head as her mouth sucked him all over his shaft. She licked him and sucked at the head. Then she moved her head down and cupped his balls. He almost groaned out loud at the feeling. He encouraged her by moving his hips and she started sucking his balls. When he couldn't take it any longer she helped her up. She looked disappointed as she wanted more of him. He smirked at her and told her to get up from her chair. She stood up in front of him. He pushed her dress up with one hand and pulled her thong down to her knees. She looked exquisite in the light.Her legs were silky smooth and so was her pussy. He moved closer and ran his tongue over her folds. She went weak kneed and held his head. He licked her up and down her pussy until they heard voices. Ryan looked around and re-positioned his chair so,he would be able to see anyone approaching. He turned Lily towards the table,her back to him. He positioned her hips so,her pussy would come down straight on his cock.She moved her ass and pushed down on his cock. He thrust his hips and his cock was all the way in her. She gasped at the fullness she felt. She moved over him. Her dress was back down covering her. Lily felt it was erotic,fucking in a public place. She moved up and down on him,wildly. She felt another orgasm building inside her. Ryan placed his hands on her hips and made her bend over the table slightly. He pumped into her from behind, faster and faster. ''Oh yesss..Baby...Fuck me..Harderrr..Ryan'' She whispered. He moved his hands to cup her breasts as he pumped into her from behind. He squeezed and she climaxed groaning. He spread her legs and pushed his thumb in her ass hole. She leaned back to him enjoying the penetration. ''Oh Lilly..i am coming...take me baby'' He thrusted harder and faster until he saw stars in his eyes as he came inside her delightful pussy. They were both breathing heavily. Ryan fell back to his chair and zipped his jeans. He pulled Lily on top of him. He adjusted her dress. ''You better get freshen up, babe before your next lesson.'' He said to her, smiling teasingly. She smiled at him, satisfyingly. She got back to her studies as Mrs Collins, the librarian came over with a student. The End!


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