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Ariel Anderssen "Hotel Pick Up"

4K 10:46 52 Photos15th Nov 2016

"Hotel Pick Up" read by Ariel Anderssen A flash of memory: Following Layla and the guy down the hall, remembering I still don't know his name, nervously rehearsing her instructions. Breathe through my nose. Make eye contact. Use my hands. No teeth. Can I do this? Layla lifted her head from the pillow, looking at me in shock. "What do you mean, you don't know how?" I blushed. "I don't know, I've just never felt like I can do it. I always gag and don't like it." "You're good with me." I smiled ruefully. "It's easier with a woman. I've never felt like I knew how to do oral on a guy." Layla laughed. "Your husband doesn't mind?" My face reddened again. "I do it on special occasions, but he knows I don't enjoy it, and that's ok with him." She paused. "Maybe I should teach you. Make this a a girls' weekend to remember." I feigned shock. "Layla Marie!" She grinned. I gaped at her for a minute. This was only our second weekend since we'd met at the best friends' exchange club, and I still hardly knew her. "Um, with whom? I'm not sure Jay would like that idea very much." "Shhh. You don't need to tell him. Just show him what you can do." She smiled. "It'll be worth it." I paused, swallowed. "You didn't answer the other part. I'd need someone to practice on." She gave her sparkly laugh again. "You do remember I was an escort for a couple of years, right? I'd find someone." Grinning, she got up and started to get dressed. I stared at her again. "Let me think about it." I sat nervously at the bar, waiting for Layla to return with just the right lipstick from the next-door pharmacy. A handsome man in a bespoke charcoal-gray suit came in, made brief eye contact, just the barest hint of a smile. We kept glancing at each other, pretending we weren't. "You like him?" she murmured as she strolled back in, catching me glancing at him in the mirror. "Nice looking," I agreed, as I applied her color to my lips. "And a bit of mischief in his smile." "Let's go talk to him." I took a deep breath, took my last swallow of my mojito, and followed her over. I sat on his other side. "Hello, stranger," she smiled at him. "My friend Sarah likes you." "I like her too," he smiled at me. I blushed. Would it really be this easy? "Feeling generous toward a couple of escorts for the evening?" He looked at her, seemingly at a loss for her meaning. Finally, "Oh!" He blushed a little. "Um, I have to meet someone in a couple of hours, but maybe until then." Layla glanced at me in the mirror; we nodded silently. Layla took his arm, We all slid from our barstools. He left a generous payment on the bar and followed us to the elevator and up to our room. She gave him a soft brushing kiss on the lips as we entered, a secretive smile. Would he want to kiss me? My heart was pounding as she unbuttoned his jacket and shirt and draped them carefully over the chair, then maneuvered him to the edge of the bed. I pulled his t-shirt up and over his head and raised arms, eyeing his muscly trunk and lightly scratching around his nipples. He was better developed than I suspected under the suit. She gave him a little shove on the chest. It was all I could do not to giggle as he unbalanced like that, sat on the mattress with a soft "flump" noise. She glanced at me, telling me with her eyes to kneel beside her. She began lightly stroking and scratching his thigh up and down, so I did the same. She reached down to take off his shoe while I continued. He was starting to firm up, his cock hardening down on my side. A tiny dark area appeared where he was starting to ooze. I lightly stroked him through the trousers, mostly with the tips of my nails. Layla leaned forward to kiss one of his nipples and stroke his thighs while I undid the other shoe. She gently undid the catch on his trousers, and, seeing our intention, he lifted his hips so we could remove them, leaving his boxers tented a bit. I looked up into his eyes, seeing the arousal growing there as we alternately stroked his belly and thighs, gently squeezed his erection, used a bit of the growing moisture to paint his nipples. He shifted his hips as we slipped the remaining layer down, grinned at each other, and each used one hand to gently squeeze his shaft, then gently running my nails up and down once. I looked at his face; he was loving this, amazed at his fortune. I suddenly found myself wanting this, wanting to make this good for him. Layla murmured, "watch me," and softly tongued up the underside to just below the head. His cock gave a little jump in my hand, and a soft moan escaped from his lips. She took the head gently in her mouth as her hand moved mine up and down a tiny fraction, encouraging me to squeeze him. I looked up in his eyes as she proffered his cock to my mouth, and saw his breathing become irregular as I gave the head a soft suck. I was rewarded with a tiny drop of sweet syrupy precum and another little jerk in the shaft. Remembering her instructions, I withdrew and licked up the velvety front of the shaft, rubbing him up and down faster. Her pretty mouth suddenly engaged him at the tip, just the softest little kiss before engulfing maybe half of the shaft. He groaned again, louder this time. Next I took him deeper for a moment, then wrapped my hand and started to stroke. I saw him trying desperately to keep his eyes open, but having to close them at times as the stimulation increased. Layla took him back in her mouth. I caressed her face, stroked him, watched his eyes loving her, loving me. We alternated, back and forth, occasionally kissing each other, watching him watch us until he had to lie back, and couldn't keep his eyes open. His groaning grew louder, more frantic, higher in pitch. As his cock reared back and started to jerk in my hands, I took the first hot spurt of his tart semen before she took over, finishing him up as I rose to kiss him, give him a taste. He kissed me avidly, then kissed her tenderly when she came up to join us. We rested on either side of his panting chest, holding hands, lightly tickling his chest, his nipples, his balls and cock. Kissing each other across his chest, nuzzling his neck as his breathing slowly returned to normal. After some time, he glanced at his watch. "That was amazing, ladies, but I'm afraid I have to go." Layla brought him a warm washcloth to clean off the crimson lipstick. Faster than I would have believed, he was dressed, laying two large bills on the dresser, and letting himself out of the room. Layla laughed triumphantly, gave me a gentle push onto the bed, and without warning was under my dress licking me through my panties. As I dissolved into my orgasmic bliss, I kept wondering why this was all so easy. Packing the next morning, Layla insisted we have breakfast in the hotel dining room instead of room service. A few tables over, we spotted the man from the night before, sitting with a beautiful woman. He reddened a bit as he saw us, and excused himself, apparently heading to the washroom. Layla went up to the table anyway. She and the woman exchanged cordial smiles, a brief hand squeeze. "Cindy, this is Sarah, my friend." Cindy gave me an appraising look for much longer than I would have expected, took my hand and smiled. "Nice to meet you." Layla leaned in to kiss her on the cheek. "Thanks for lending me my husband last night. I know it's your weekend. I'll make it up to you sometime." Cindy and Layla both looked at me again until I blushed. "I'm sure you will," Cindy laughed. "I'm sure you will."   The End.

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