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Cindy "Her Happy Ending"

4K 08:23 36 Photos24th Feb 2017

Her Happy Ending read by Cindy Simon was late. He had a massage session with his regular client. She was a attractive (Married) blonde in her 30's. Simon fancied her since he first saw her naked. She had been changing in their massage room when Simon had accidentally walked in. Simon had an instant hard on when he saw her huge tits and pink pussy. She had not been embarrassed or shy and Simon liked her self assurance. She knew she was attractive and used her lush curves whenever she could. Lucy was happily married to an older guy. He had let her be free and enjoy life. Making use of that, she had a couple of affairs. She loved sex, just not as much with her husband. Joseph was not much into experimenting in sex whereas Lucy was energetic and passionate. She walked into the massage parlour dressed to kill in a designer black suit. She took off her sunglasses and the assistant showed her into the room she usually used. Simon was great with his hands and only asked for him. She took off her clothes and laid face down on the table covering her ass with a linen sheet. She was feeling edgy today and really needed Simon's expertise. Simon came in the quiet dark room only lit by a single lamp. He greeted Lucy, warmly. One look at her milky white shoulders and back had his cock twitching. He wiped his hands and took out the scented oil bottles. The fragrance she liked was spicy and romantic. ''Where were you last week, Simon. The guy who attended me had hands like a baby's. I missed your touch'' Lucy said,pouting. Even though he could not see her face. ''Actually, i took the week off to visit my sister'' He explained. He rubbed the oil on his palms and stroked her shoulders. ''You need extra time today, you have so much tension in your shoulders.''He said while he massaged her with more oil. He moved to her back and his eyes drifted to her ass outlined by the sheet. She had a round,juicy ass that Simon itched to massage. She had let him in the past. He wondered if he should make a move. He knew Lucy won't mind him appreciating her body. So, he risked his hands kneading lower. The sheet slipped down and he could see her sweet butt. Lucy laid still, not moving. She wanted Simon to go ahead, wanting to feel his strong hands on her. When she didn't stop him, he moved lower. He was massaging and squeezing. Lucy was trying hard to stop her moans. She wanted to move and beg him to massage lower, on her mound. But she let him take his time, enduring his torture. Simon held his hand sideways and pressed it to the crack of her ass. He pressed harder and it elicited a loud moan from her. He moved closer to table and leaned down. His hand pulled her butt cheeks apart so, he could see her pussy. It was shining with her juices. Simon groaned, seeing how wet she was. He leaned closer to have a taste. He licked. ''Simonnnnnnn.'' Lucy screamed. He pressed his thumb in her entrance and spread her juices to her ass hole. Lucy stiffened a little at being touched at her virginal hole. Simon continued as if he didn't sense her restrain. He pushed his finger and pumped. He imagined his cock in her ass. He was so hard now, his bulge straining in his pants. He poured some oil straight on her hole and massaged. Lucy moaned and her hips jerked from the pleasure. He really wanted to fuck her now. He pulled off his trousers before she could react and jumped on the table. He spread her legs and got in between. Lucy was about to say something when she felt his cock at her pussy's entrance. He thrusted in harder and she cried out. ''Lucy, baby. Let me Fuck you'' He said, his voice filled with heat and lust. He slipped easily in and out of her hot and wet pussy. He massaged her back, pressing certain points. Lucy was beyond caring, all she felt was his cock filling her. He pressed his thumb on her ass hole again, getting her ready for what he wanted next. Lucy felt excited and nervous at the same time. She never tried anal sex before. She was afraid, what if she did not like it? Simon was fucking her, faster now while his fingers were fucking her ass hole. Suddenly, he pulled out and she felt empty on both her holes. Then she felt his hands, he was a huge guy, he easily turned her around. Her boobs were directly in front of his eyes. He got back on the table and kissed her mouth. Their tongues entwined and the kiss deepened. Then he moved lower to pay attention to her boobs. He cupped them in his hands and bent down to suckle. Lucy was in heaven, he was doing all the right things to turn her on. His hands were all over her body, squeezing and biting into her skin. He pressed his thumb to her clit and Lucy climaxed, her eyes pinched shut. Simon liked seeing her cum. Now, it was his turn. He got in between he legs and moved her knees apart. She was open to him now, he could see her pussy juices dripping on her tight ass hole. He just wished she would be able to take his huge cock. Lucy looked at him, watching her pussy. She felt thrilled seeing the hunger in his eyes. He leaned down and sucked her lower lip. Lucy moaned.''Fuck my ass hole, Simon'' ''Fuck, Lucy. You are so hot. I am going to cum in your ass'' He straightened and nudged his cock to her hole. He knew it would be a tight fit and he had only one chance to show her how much pleasure she can feel. He rubbed his thumb on her hole again and thrusted his cock head in. He groaned out loud, seeing his cock disappear in her ass. Lucy cried out at as she felt pain. But as he thrust a little bit more into her, it subsided. She only felt hot and bothered, needing him to continue. ''Fuck meeee'' she begged. Simon began to move slowly in to her virginal hole, it was so tight. He knew he won't be able to hold on much longer. He pushed two fingers in her pussy while he fucked her ass. Lucy leaned her head down on the table. He was fucking both her holes. He could not believe he was fucking his client and such a beautiful one at that. He had dreamed about this since he met her. At the same time, Lucy was thinking :Joseph won't ever attempt this. He was very careful with her. Lucy liked rough and sweaty sex. She was glad that Joseph knew nothing about her illicit affairs. She hoped to continue enjoying her sex life. Simon was like a mad man, pumping in and out. Faster and faster until he groaned. He leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth as he slammed into her, shooting his seed in her ass hole. Lucy cried out as the orgasm took her. The End!


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