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Millie Rose "Naughty Thoughts"

4K 06:26 40 Photos31st Oct 2016

"Naughty Thoughts" read by Millie Rose You’re on the phone, talking dirty to me but saying you can’t come over tonight. You’re driving me crazy then you ask what I’m thinking right now, really? Okay, I’ll tell you... I’m thinking it’s been too long since you were last here with me and I really need a fix of you. I wish you were here with me now, can I convince you? If you come over tonight I’m going to grab you by the belt and pull you to me as soon as the front door clicks shut. I want you to kiss me hard, push your tongue into my mouth and bite my lip, God you know what that does to me! By the time you’ve trailed kisses and gentle bites down my neck I’ll be a quivering mess. When you pull my top and bra off and push me back against the wall you’ll see how hard my nipples have become for you. I get so wet when you tease my nipples with your mouth and my fingers always tremble when I undo your trousers to pull your cock out. I would turn us so your back is to the wall and stroke my hand up and down your cock, kissing your mouth hard then trailing down your body to run my tongue slowly from the base of your semi erect cock to the tip, over and over until you're hard for me. I want to slide my tongue around the ridge of your cock head, look up at you and flick it over the tip. I want you to watch me while I get a taste of your precum. You love it when I’m dirty, so I would spit into the palm of my hand and use it to stroke your length while I lick and suck each of your balls in turn. My thumb would be circling your cock head while I kiss and suck the base and length of your cock. I would slowly work my way to the top, and let my tongue glide over you again, a line of saliva dripping onto you before I take you into my hot, wet mouth. I’d suck on the head while my hand strokes and grips you tightly, and take you deeper with every stroke of my hand, my lips would touch against my fingers as I take you to the back of my throat. If you were here you’d feel my throat tighten around you as I swallow and moan, God I love having your dick in my mouth. I miss it, please come over? I want to suck up and down on you faster, my other hand gently squeezing and stroking your balls. You love it when I look up at you with my mouth full of your cock don’t you? You get off on watching me gag as you push deeper into my throat, my eyes water and my make up runs but I fucking love it. I want you to grab a fistful of my hair and push into my mouth, there will be saliva dripping from the corners of my mouth and dirty little muffled noises coming from my mouth as you thrust into me, and we both know how soaked my panties will be because of it, because of you. Come and fuck my mouth babe, I want you to push your hips forward into me and hold the back of my head, making me take you deeper. I want you to come see me tonight and cum down my throat. You know I’ll swallow every drop, I always do. I’d keep sucking and licking you until you can't take anymore. I know you, you’d watch me swallow then pull from my mouth and drag me to my feet wouldn’t you? Hmm, come over babe and show me how you want me, bent over the bed, or flat on my back? Oh god, would you pull me up to sit on your tongue again? Your tongue drives me insane, the way you flutter over my sensitive clit and push your fingers into me makes me squirm and moan just to remember it now. In the moment, you make my back arch and the most primal moans drag themselves from my throat. Every time you thrust your fingers into me and flick your amazing tongue against me I grab fistfuls of bedsheets and have to remind myself to breathe. The way you use your fingers on me and leave little kisses on my inner thighs just as I’m on the edge makes me wild, makes me want to beg for your cock. I want you here because you make my head spin, my heart race and my pussy flood. Fuck, the way you make me cum for you, it’s hard and intense. You don’t just push me over the edge, you throw me over, again and again! Every time I think I can’t possibly take any more, you push me further, you make me cum until I’m a weak and screaming mess. I want you here to fuck me, hard and urgently. I want to wrap my legs around your waist and watch your cock disappear into me. Come over and press my face and chest into the sheets, pull my ass up and slam into me, make me scream your name, I want my throat raw tomorrow and my pussy sore so I think of you every time I sit down. I want you to cum inside me, holding my hips tightly and thrusting hard into me as you do. I want to feel you fill my pussy, and hear you moan my name as you do. So, are you coming over tonight.....?


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