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Megan "Hot & Steamy Action"

4K 09:53 20th Jul 2016

HOT & STEAMY ACTION I enjoy keeping in shape and hit the gym on a regular basis. My tight revealing gym clothing always gets me plenty of attention and my skimpy bikinis always draw plenty of stares when I’m down in the pool area!A couple of weeks ago I was at the gym for one of my workouts. The gym was quite but there were still a few people in and as usual, my outfit got me some good looks. Naughty thoughts began to enter my head and by the time I finished my work out and headed off downstairs I was feeling rather horny! I went into the changing rooms and slowly began to strip off. There was only one other woman in the changing rooms. As I peeled off my tight gym crop top I caught her glancing over at my large pert breasts. By this point, my nipples were stiff and poking out. I then slid my skimpy shorts down and stood out of them so I was standing totally naked in the changing room pretending not to notice the other woman look me up and down, her eyes lingering on my long pink pussy lips which were moist and swollen because of the naughty thoughts running through my head.I took a bit of time gathering my clothing together and opening my locker to give the woman a really good look at my body, her eyes were constantly going between my tits and pussy and it was driving me wild. A while ago my partner asked me to stop shaving my pussy cause he wanted me to be natural. As the woman stared at my body I could feel my juices begin to leak from my pussy and soak into my soft pubes.After I had given her a good show I eventually got my skimpy white bikini out of my bag and put it on. I had only just bought it and this was the first time I had worn it. As I headed for the pool I gave the woman a smile, hoping she wouldn’t notice that my pussy juices were already soaking into the crotch of my bikini bottoms! I slid into the cool water of the pool which did nothing to help my stiff nipples and swam quite a few lengths. The pool was also quite and there were only a couple of other people in. After I had done my lengths I got out and went into the steam room. There was only one other person in there and an older guy in his early sixties perhaps. Taking advantage of the fact that we were the only two people in there I lay back along the bench on the opposite side to him. "Hi," I said, "The gym is quiet today." "Yes it is," he replied, "I’m usually in at this time and it’s normally pretty quiet." As he spoke to me I noticed he was struggling to make eye contact with me and his eyes were constantly drifting down towards my tits. I glanced down to make sure my bikini top hadn’t slipped or something exposing my stiff nipples, I was slightly shocked by what I saw. My new bikini had went see through in the pool. My stiff nipples were clearly visible through the now see through material of my bikini top. When I looked down at my bottoms I saw that the exact same had happened. The brown triangle of my pubes was clearly on show as were my long pink pussy lips. No wonder the old guy was staring. Fuck it, I thought, I may as well give him something to look at! I sat up facing the old guy and let my legs drop open. He was sitting opposite me and had a perfect view of my tits and my now throbbing pussy. I put my head back and closed my eyes to let him perv at me to his hearts content. When I opened them a short time later the old guy was shifting uncomfortably in his seat trying to conceal his cock which was growing stiff in his tight shorts. I made a show of glancing down at myself, "Oh my god," I said, "My bikini has gone all see through!" "Eh, oh, so it has," the old guy stuttered. "Oh I’m so embarrassed, I feel such a fool," I said. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about," the old guy said, "You look really good, eh I mean you, eh, not that I was, eh…." I laughed, "So, do you like what you see?" I asked. The old guy sat in silence. I stood up and slowly tugged the small triangles of fabric down over my tits so they were totally exposed to this old stranger. I began to tug and roll my long stiff nipples between my fingers letting out a moan as I did so. Again, the old guy sat in silence watching me. I walked a couple of steps over to him so my big tits and stiff nipples were in his face, one by one I put my nipples into his mouth. He gently began to suck and bite on them, sending shock waves to my clit.I reached down and pulled his shorts down so that his cock was exposed to me. It was still only slightly stiff as it bobbed out of his shorts. I kneeled down and began to slowly wank him off rolling his foreskin back and forward milking his pre-cum from his cock. As I wanked him off his cock grew and stiffened in my hand. I leaned forward and began to suck him off enjoying the salty taste of his pre-cum in my mouth playing with his balls and sucking him deep and hard. As I sucked him off the old guy groped and fondled my tits. Once he was fully erect I stood up. I pulled my bikini bottoms to the side exposing my long wet pussy lips to the old stranger along with my damp pubes and throbbing clit. He reached out and parted my lips with his fingers before roughly sliding two fingers inside my wet hole and fingering me. I couldn’t wait any longer, I slid his fingers out of my pussy and straddled his hard cock. With one move I slid his entire 7-inch cock inside me my wet lips parting and gripping the base of his cock. I began to ride him hard and fast quickly feeling an orgasm building in my pussy. The old guy grabbed my ass cheeks as I fucked him, I felt his fingers trace a line down my ass crack towards my tight ass hole. He pushed a finger into my tight ass as I continued to fuck him, this brought me even closer to cumming. When he shoved a second finger into my ass this sent me over the edge. My cunt contracted around his cock as I came letting out a scream. The feeling of my cunt contracting around his shaft sent him over the edge as well and as I thrust myself up an down on his cock I felt him explode inside me. He shot what felt like gallons of his hot sticky spunk deep inside me grunting as I continued to ride him and milk every last drop of his spunk out of his dick and into my dripping wet hole. He finished cumming and I felt his cock begin to go limp inside me. I climbed off of him, spunk dripping from my pussy onto the floor. I pulled my bikini bottoms back over my pussy and straight away felt the already see through crotch begin to soak up his spunk. I pulled my top back over my tits and gave the old guy a peck on the cheek before leaving him sitting there, his limp spunk and pussy juice covered cock still out. I walked back through the pool area to the changing rooms enjoying the looks that my see through bikini got from the couple of people in the pool. Somehow I didn’t think that would be the last time I wore that bikini! THE END!  


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