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Ariel Anderssen "Secret Encounter"

4K 06:31 52 Photos23rd Jan 2017

"Secret Encounter" read by Ariel Anderssen Sitting at the curb in my car, I see the signal I was waiting for. I slowly, and as quietly as possible, pull into the back of the fire station. I turn off the car and step out, gently bumping the door shut with my hip. I look at the door and notice it’s open slightly. I slip in silently, and it’s pitch black inside. I feel arms come around me, across my chest and middle. His cologne smells so good, but it is different than I remembered. “Ssshhh, don’t make a sound.” I nod, and the lips nibble on my ear. I moan, but try to keep quiet. The hands are cupping my breasts, squeezing them tightly. My head goes back to his chest, my ass presses into his hips. "He is taller tonight," I think to myself. Maybe he is wearing different boots. He grinds against me, and I can feel how hard he is, and my thoughts slip away. My hands go behind me, between us, so that I can stroke him over his uniform pants. His hands are under my shirt, pulling up my bra so that he can feel my hard nipples. Pinching and pulling them out for me. I slide up and down against him, and hear him groan. Turning in his arms, I put my lips to his as my fingers slide into the waist band of his pants. I can feel the tip of his cock, and as my fingers brush it, he sucks in a breath of air. “Let me lick it.” I unzip him, pull him out. Quickly going to my knees on the hard floor, I slide my hot wet mouth down the length of his cock. His hands go to my hair and fist it, sliding out almost all the way then shoving back in quickly. Over and over he fucks my mouth, shoving his hard cock to the back of my throat. I gag, my hands gripping his thighs and I pat them to signal him to back off just a little bit. He does, and I think again to myself that something is not quite right, but I can’t put my finger on it. My left hand goes to my nipples, and I start pinching them, pulling them out hard. I let the hand travel down over my tummy, to my jeans, and under them. I am so wet and hot, my fingers slipping in easily. I moan around his hard cock as my fingers circle my clit quickly. He pulls me to my feet and turns me around. He jerks my jeans down, pushing my panties to mid thigh. His fingers quickly find my clit and he starts to circle it, pushing my fingers out of the way. I moan, unable to stop myself from making the sound. He stops suddenly, putting his free hand over my mouth. “I thought I heard someone, we have to be quiet. If we get caught I am in major trouble. My wife will find out and I really don’t want her to know.” I nod again, and he goes back to playing with my clit. I am still super wet; the excitement of almost being caught makes me even hotter. His hand goes to my shoulder, the other to my hip as he positions himself behind me. “Bend just a bit baby, so I can slide in that tight pussy.” I bend and feel the head at my entrance. He is so big and hard. I know he’s going to stretch and fill me up. I bite my lip as he slowly slides in, trying so hard not to gasp or moan. I think to myself that he feels amazing, and I don’t really care how wrong this is, or if we are caught, as long as he doesn’t stop. He is bigger tonight, thicker than usual. Maybe it’s the thought of doing it where he works that has him turned on so much. I push back against him, taking him deep. He grabs my hair and jerks my head back roughly as he starts to slam into me. Harder and faster, his thighs slapping against my ass, his balls fly against my clit. I am so close to cumming, my hand goes to my clit and I start working it hard. He slams hard once, twice then cums deep in my pussy. I hear him growl low as he grips my hips hard, shoving deep and filling me full. My pussy tightens around him hard and cum as he flexes deep in me, rubbing my g spot on his cock. Hands on the wall, I lean against it, feeling his cum drip out of me onto my thighs. I lean against the wall for just a minute, to catch my breath. I slowly pull my panties back up, and my jeans follow. I turn to him in the dark room, just barely able to make out his shape. I can’t see him clearly, just a dark shape is there in front of me. His hand goes to my shoulder, and he pushes down. I know what he wants. He wants me on my knees cleaning his cock. So I drop down and start to lick him clean. Sucking and licking him clean, tasting both of our juices on his shaft. He is hard, but we know we don’t have time to go again. I stand, and he pushes me against the wall, kissing me hard and deep. His hands under my shirt, putting my breasts back into my bra for me as he fondles them. I feel him smile against my lips, and I smile back. He releases me and steps back. “Wait just a second or two before you walk out,” he whispers. He opens the door and a sliver of muted light shines in. My hand flies to my mouth, and I gasp silently. That was not who I came to see…  

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