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Rihanna "An Interesting Encounter:Pt2"

4K 09:40 010th Aug 2016

An Interesting Encounter:Pt2 You will find him very skilful. There will be no need for him to wear a condom.  He has had a clean bill of health from my doctor.” I looked at Marc but his face had no expression.  He was very good-looking and his dick looked as if it would fill my cunt quite nicely. “If I agree to do what you ask would you promise that we would not be filmed.” “Of course.” “And how many times would we have to fuck?”  “As many times as you would like.” “Marc? How do you feel about this?” The Countess’ voice was harsh. “I have told you - Marc will do anything I want. Take off your dress and the thong. Now!” I obeyed her. Now sit down and open your legs!” I sat down.  “Marc, go and pleasure Isobel with your mouth and tongue.” Marc came and knelt in front of me.  He pulled me forward, opened my legs wide and pulled them up onto his shoulders on either side of his head.  My cunt was level with his mouth and I jumped when I felt the first thrust of his tongue.  I was aware that the Countess had moved behind my chair.  I felt her hands begin to play with my breasts and nipples as she watched Marc’s actions.  As my body reacted to the tongue action I moved my cunt closer to his mouth and gave myself up to the double pleasures I was being given. “Good girl,” said the Countess.  “Enjoy.” Marc was very skilled and did not rush the tongue action but nevertheless I knew I was going to come more quickly than usual, particularly when he began to suck on my clit.  My body began to shake and he licked and sucked me even harder.  The Countess firmly held my shoulders or I think I would have fallen out of the chair when I climaxed long and hard. Marc then stood up and looked at the Countess, waiting for her orders. “Come here, Marc, let me see what she tastes like.”  He went to her and kissed her.  “Hmm, she’s nicely sweet.”  He was totally erect and she slapped his dick.  “As you are ready for more action I want you to take her to the sofa, turn her over and fuck her – hard.”  I did not resist when Marc picked me up and carried me to the sofa.  I knew that I was so wet he would have no difficulty entering me and I thought that this was likely to be very pleasurable.  I lifted my head to see that the Countess had moved a chair to the side of the sofa so she could sit and watch the action.  He lifted my bum up from the bed and I felt the lovely weight of his dick move into me. Thereafter, the only noises were from our bodies moving together in sync. The Countess urged Marc on. “Harder, harder!”  Marc’s action became faster and harder.  I think it was the best fuck I had ever experienced. The muscles of my cunt were responding and again I knew I was going to climax quite quickly, but I really did not want him to stop.    He pulled out and I felt his cum spill out onto my back.  He got up from the couch but I lay there for a little while, feeling excited but also puzzled at how obedient I had been – and how obedient Marc was to the Countess’ orders. “Very nice,” said the Countess, “although a little quick.  Never mind, we can use the bedroom next time.”  So there was going to be a next time was there? My consent to this had simply been assumed. I got up from the couch and the Countess handed me my clothes. “Marc, show Isobel the bathroom please.”   Both naked, he and I walked down the corridor to a magnificent marble bathroom. Once inside, he took my clothes and handed me a towel. “Do you never speak?” I asked him.  “Not often, when I am with my mistress.” His voice was deep and pleasant. “So, you are her lover?”  “No. She is my mistress and I do whatever she tells me to do.”  I turned on the shower and as I washed myself I said: “So you don’t have to fuck her?”  “No.  But she has quite a lot of toys and she likes me to use them on her and make her come.”  “Does she beat you?” “Sometimes.” “Do you enjoy it?” “I like making my mistress happy.”  “Did you enjoy fucking me?” “Yes, I did.”  “Please don’t tell me you enjoyed it because she likes watching.”  “Not entirely.  You are very beautiful and a pleasure to fuck.  I hope you will come back again.”  So, I thought, I had been fucked by a robot, by a guy who liked being dominated.  Did I really want to repeat the experience, even for ten thousand dollars? Marc went on: “If you do come back you need to know that it is possible that the Countess will invite a few of her friends to watch us fucking.”  “Tomas had warned me that her parties had a reputation, but no one knew precisely what happened.  I don’t think I would want a bigger audience.”  “But she is going to give you a lot of money.”  “Why doesn’t she get a whore to be your partner.”  “No, it has to be a woman like you.  Beautiful, perhaps famous. A whore would be too shopworn.”  “So there have been women before me?  How many of them have you fucked?” “Five, but I’ve only been with the Countess for a few months.” “She wore the other guys out, then?”  “I don’t know.” “How did she find you?”  “It’s not hard to find men like me if you know the right people. And there is always the internet.” I saw that he was getting an erection and I decided I was not going to explore his psychological need to be bossed around, but to act on my own behalf.  I got out of the shower, grabbed his dick and pulled him in so that we were both being sprayed with water.  I stood against the wall and pulled him close to me.  “Pick me up,” I ordered.  He lifted me up so I could curl my legs around his body and voila! his dick was rammed inside me.  This time we kissed and I knew he wanted to fuck me without being ordered to do so.  Then I heard the Countess. “I thought you were taking rather a long time. I don’t blame you, Isobel, wanting to have Marc fuck you again. No, don’t stop, Marc – I can sit here and enjoy myself.” So began the strangest few days of my life.  By the time I boarded the plane to go to New York I felt I had become somewhat shopworn myself – certainly my cunt had been well used.  While I found Marc very attractive and our fucking gave me a great deal of pleasure I could never have been able to spend much more time with a man who enjoyed being so subordinate to a woman like the Countess.  But, as they say, whatever floats your boat …. and if I visit Paris again, I might, I just might, get in touch with the Countess.   The End


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